Are you losing out on 10’s of 1,000’s of pounds in revenue because your database is holding incorrect MOT dates?

Our data cleansing facility** allows dealers to earn more from their existing vehicle database by helping to improve MOT date accuracy in the DMS, which in turn improves follow up opportunity and resultant MOT sales.

Fully Integrated with Keyloop

Our AutoCleanse facility is fully integrated with Keyloop Autoline and Drive DMS platforms to extract, cleanse and write back any discrepancies in MOT and registrations dates.

Any vehicles which have seen an owner change or which have been scrapped can also be disconnected from the customer record leaving you with clean, healthy, up to date data.

On average,

53% of MOT Dates

are wrong in DMS systems.

Try our AutoCleanse calculator.

How does it work?

Service Plans & VHC


Each record is checked against the data held by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which ensures that each record is current, accurate and matches with the data held by the Department for Transport.

Loyalty Ranking

Bulk Cleanse

Vehicle records can be checked en masse where DMS integration is available or through a file provided by the dealer with those identified as having incorrect MOT dates, scrapped or having gone through a keeper change cleansed and presented back to the dealer to upload into the DMS.

iVHC Report

Incremental Cleanse*

If integration is available with the DMS then an automatic, daily incremental check can be performed against the DVSA record for any vehicle created, or any having an invoiced job card that contains an MOT, to ensure that accurate MOT dates are maintained.

Drive Time

Choose What to Pay

You can send us your entire vehicle databases, we can cleanse it, let you know how many records have MOT date discrepancies and then you can choose if you would like to buy the errors only or pay for all the records to be returned.


Reduces Your Costs

With accurate MOT dates, those customers detached from vehicles they no longer own and vehicles that have been scrapped updated in your DMS, unnecessary postage and outbound call costs will be removed and your follow up costs will be reduced.

Comprehensive Reporting


Follow Up records imported into exstoCRM for a service event can be checked through AutoCleanse to ensure ongoing data accuracy.

* DMS integration required

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